There are those who burn with the desire to lead, and believe there are times when the ends fully justify the means. And then there are those who reluctantly pick up the reins of authority, not out of a desire for power, but to defend liberty and justice. While one risks defeat at the hands of darkness to preserve the principles for which they fight, the other gambles the future with victories clouded by the shadow of evil. Life at any price? Or are some costs too high, even for survival? For a young sergeant named Arthur, these questions are way above his pay grade. But one day, the fate of everything will depend on which kind of leader he turns out to be.

Guinevere shocked her noble family when she enlisted as a nurse bound for service in the New World. In a time when most women get what they want through subtle means, Guinevere's sharp tongue and blunt demeanor make for an unforgettable experience for those brave — or foolish — enough to cross her. But her cutting assessments of men's failings are not simply for sport, having witnessed the costs of their petty wars firsthand. And while she hopes that, one day, the ways of the world might be challenged, she could never imagine the role she will be called on to play when the winds of change begin to howl.

Lancelot is the perfect soldier, respected by his compatriots for his fearlessness in combat, and feared by his enemies for his raw brutality. But off the battlefield is a different story. His wicked temper and arrogant, uncompromising ways make him insufferable to those he views as unworthy of his friendship. Yet to the chosen few he calls friends, he is unwaveringly loyal, perhaps to a fault... Which facet of Lancelot will prevail if his inflexible worldview and loyalty to his brother-in-arms, Arthur, are put in direct opposition?

Possessing unmatched intelligence and an otherworldly insight, Merlin serves as the English Empire's powerful Spymaster. But are the secrets he keeps in service to King and Country, for the betterment of all mankind, or toward some other, perhaps darker aim?

Born to a squaw mother and a drunken French mercenary, Morgan grew up in the colonies of the New World knowing life would give her nothing for free. But that hasn't stopped her from wanting it all... love, wealth, and most importantly, power. And her burgeoning ability to see the unseen may be just the edge she needs.

Born into an elite military family, Kay knows he's a disappointment to his father, the formidable General Ector, and it's this knowledge that makes him a dangerous and unpredictable malcontent. Will Kay become the soldier he's expected to be, or will his desperation to prove himself be his undoing?

Timeless. Beautiful. A warden of secrets, past, present and future, she waits, lurking in the dark depths of her watery domain as the ages of man drift by, until that day comes when she must rise to the surface once again. And she senses that day is near...

As commander of the Venetians in the New World, Lucius is eager to claim victory in a war that seems to have no end in sight. He develops new technologies to defeat the colonial forces of the English Empire, keeping his actions secret, even from his superiors.

As one of General Ector's most trusted officers, Captain Hault's no-nonsense council is a valuable asset to the forces of the English Empire in the New World. He's dedicated his life to his nation, as his battle wounds can attest to, but some scars may run deeper than skin.